Aerial Bombardment

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Dresden, 1945, view from the city hall (Rathaus) over the destroyed city
Dresden, 1945, view from the city hall (Rathaus) over the destroyed city (Deutsche Fotothek) (CC BY-SA 3.0 de)


Dear Friends,

In Afghanistan the Taliban makes major gains, while in Yemen the talks with the Saudis have broken down. Roads to peace are blocked.

In Alternet this week I have an essay on the great futility of aerial bombardment. The last paragraph runs,

  • The monstrous anger of the guns continues. Space for a peace process desiccates. The Saudi-Yemen discussions fell apart on Sunday, while the Syrian peace process lifts few hopes. There is no real conversation towards peace in Afghanistan or Libya. Hope in aerial bombardment as the prophylactic for peace is absurd. It has given us instability and chaos. Other roads have to be opened. Other paths seeded.

You can read it here.

I hope you find it useful. The picture above is from Dresden (Germany).

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Warmly, Vijay.