Submitted by Vijay Prashad on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 00:19
Anti-caste, two books


<Anti-Caste> Two books from LeftWord Books, both essential.

First, a closely developed study of the 1957 Mudukulathur riots in Tamil Nadu by Professor K. A. Manikumar. Of this book, A.r. Venkatachalapathy says, 'The Mudukulathur Riots stand as a metaphor for caste relations in contemporary Tamil Nadu, by throwing into sharp relief the contradictions between dominant castes and Dalits. Through a dramatic reconstruction of the riots, Manikumar illuminates the dynamics of caste and politics. A must read for anyone interested in the social and political present of Tamil Nadu.' For more on this book,…/murder-in-muduk…/9789380118512/.

Second, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's India and Communism, with a superb introduction by Anand Teltumbde. This book was written close to the end of Babasaheb's life, when he was contemplating the relationship between Buddhism and Marxism and looking back at the great barrier to the communist movement in India, namely caste. Fragments of the book remain. They are what constitute the book. Anand's introduction is a real eye-opener, a pointed and important critique of the communist and dalit movements with a plea for unity in struggles. A central book for all those interested in India, in anti-caste struggles and in Communism. For more on this book,…/india-and-commu…/9789380118451/.

I'll be writing more about these books in the weeks ahead. Please let others know about them. Both books are available for preorder and both will be at the May Day Bookstore & Cafe on May Day!