Arabia Without Sultans

Submitted by Vijay Prashad on Wed, 01/04/2017 - 00:06




<Arabia Without Sultans> Once more the magician Majed Al-Esa releases a song and a video - tearing, in his own way, into the absurdities of Saudi state suffocation of society. The song is called Hwages - Concerns. The women offer one biting statement after another - If only god would rid us of men; men make us mentally ill; they're making us insane. Donald Trump, in his House of Men, makes a cameo. The end of the song is lovely - the tempo drops, we move to Bedouin music and so it ends. The song has already been a big hit inside Saudi Arabia. I hope you'll enjoy it too:

ماجد العيسى - هواجيس | Majedalesa - Hwages

I'm listening to it alongside reading some books on Kuwait - Saud Alsanousi's The Bamboo Stalk and Farah Al-Nakib's Kuwait Transformed (for which, thanks to Waleed Hazbun). These books complement each other, one a novel and the other a historical account, but both about violence and missed opportunities. As with so much of the world.