Assassination, no. 2

Submitted by Vijay Prashad on Tue, 12/20/2016 - 17:45


<Assassination, no. 2> The tripartite meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran is ongoing in Moscow. The basic sentiment is that they are agreed to find a resolution to the Syrian crisis. This is significant because it brings the Turkish government out of its regime change position on Syria. The meeting comes a day after the Russian ambassador Karlov was assassinated in Turkey. Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavu?o?lu, says that the street on which the ambassador was killed will be named after him. This is a sign of good faith. Turkey and Russia will jointly investigate the killing.

A few hours after Ambassador Karlov was killed, I did a short segment with The Real News on his killing, the meeting in Moscow and the debate on the Left about what is happening inside Syria.

You can watch the ten-minute segment here:

On the latter point, regarding the debate in the Left, I merely made the suggestion that such belligerent debates are normal when a battle comes to a close, and they are normal yet when there is so much propaganda in the air. Far more important to seek signs of reconciliation and to promote these signs than to fight an impossible battle to the end. I had made a similar point in my Alternet column last week from Algeria, 'Civil wars should always end in introspection, not celebration. Dancing on the graves of so many of one's fellow nationals is obscene'.

By the way, the new Geneva is going to be in Kazakhstan. The next round of Syria talks will not be in Switzerland but in Central Asia.