Cultural Revolution in Asia and Beyond



3:30 pm - 5:00 pm 

Rubenstein Library, Holsti-Anderson Family Assembly Room (Room 153), Duke University

Plenary Session: The Cultural Revolution in South Asia and Beyond

Moderator: Prasenjit Duara, Duke University



Communism and the Lost Time of the Gun

Fifty years ago, in Havana Cuba, the guerrilla leaders of the wars of national independence gathered to inaugurate the Tricontinental. It was at that conference that the PAIGC1s Amilcar Cabral argued that armed struggle was the only way to confront imperialism. From Vietnam at one end to Cuba at another, the time of the gun was at hand. It was in this era, that India1s naxalites left the mainstream communist movement for the jungles. Now, the time of the gun is over. The dynamic of history has shifted. Other means are necessary. This paper will draw from my earlier work on the Third World Project and from the history of Indian Communism to lay out both the time of the gun and the lost time of the gun.


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