Der Kommissar's in town....

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Der Kommissar's in town....
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Dear Friends,

The newspaper above is from South Korea. It is the largest circulation daily. The headline is dramatic - Angry Whites Overturn America.

Wall Street Journal poll taken just before the election suggested that two-thirds of Americans are embarrassed about the election. The result has certainly created a great deal of despair on one side and a sense of revanchism on the other. The social fabric is fragile.

A few hours after the election was decided, I wrote a short assessment for Alternet, which evoked Gramsci's idea of the Time of the Monsters. The take-away, I suppose, is in this paragraph,

  • 'Across the Western world, from the United Kingdom’s Brexit Vote to the US vote for Trump, a harsh, even monstrous, form of denunciation of neoliberalism has emerged. The Left is weak in these parts and unable to capture the imagination of the public with its more sober, historically based criticism of neoliberalism. This is a criticism that rightly sees the problem, but then whips into anti-immigrant xenophobia and racist hyperbole. The era of neoliberalism is dead. That is clear with the victories across the Atlantic world, but also in the tired statements of the neoliberal class towards the real crisis of inequality. A new era is not born yet. It cannot be born without the emergence of a robust Left. In the interim appear monsters ? whether Boris Johnson in the UK or Donald Trump in the US. This is the time of monsters'.

You can read the rest here. I'll be doing a fuller report for the Frontline cover story, which will appear in about two week.


Sacred stone camp at Standing Rock
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In the current issue of Frontline, you'll find my report from the Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock, where the 'water protectors' face the full brunt of State force and the energy firms. I suppose the last paragraph has the essence:

  • Chief Arvol Looking Horse ends his letter with an extract from a statement by the Traditional Elders Council. “We respect and honour our spiritual relationship with the lifeblood of Mother Earth. One does not sell or contaminate their mother’s blood. These capitalistic actions must stop and we must recover our sacred relationship with the Spirit of Water.” The Missouri river flows by the water protectors. Earth-moving equipment tears up the land behind them. There is resilience amongst the Native Americans, but also bitterness. This generation has heard stories of the betrayals. This is their experience of it. Betrayal, like the land itself, is a link to their ancestors.

I hope you'll read this report. For all it it, please go here.

Warmly, Vijay.