Solidarity with the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) in Brazil and the Occupants of the Hugo Chavez Camp

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Entrance to the Hugo Chavez camp



A day ago, this message of urgency arrived from the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) in Brazil:

Dear comrades

An aggressive attack is being waged against MST landless peasants in the northern state of Pará, Brazil. 

Large-scale landowners along with local judicial authorities, mainstream media and the Brazilian military police are targeting MST camps throughout the country.

2.000 peasant families living in 20 camps located in the northern State of Pará are under the risk of being violently evicted until the end of the year

On Monday (11) gunman attacked the Hugo Chavez camp. Seven heav

The Red Flag Flies from Atop the World

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The Red Flag Flies from Nepal


Dear Friends,

In India, the all-important legislative election is being held for Gujarat. Results will appear sometime after December 18. Expectations are high that the BJP will be defeated, that this will put a dent on the ambitions of Narendra Modi and his coterie - including the diabolical Amit Shah.

I am editing a wonderful book for LeftWord Books called Strongmen, with essays by Eve Ensler on Donald Trump, Danish Husain on Narendra Modi, Burhan Sönmez on Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Ninotchka Rosca on Rodrigo Duterte. This is going to be such a powerful book, brave writers putting their

Artists' Letter on Trump and Jerusalem

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Palestinians hold a poster of Donald Trump during a protest outside the Damascus Gate



[I signed a letter that condemns Trump's statement on Jerusalem. This was signed by over a hundred artists from across the world]


The Guardian reports (10th December) President Macron’s comment that recent US moves on the status of Jerusalem are a threat to peace. They are much more than that.

In recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Donald Trump seeks to achieve through a declaration what Israel has been trying to do for fifty years through force of arms: to erase Palestinians, as a political and cultural presence, from the life of their own city.

The Palestinian people of

The Stench Around Economics

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Pieter van der Heyden (1525-1569)


On December 1, 2017, the Financial Times' columnist Gillian Tett wrote a fascinating story in the paper's magazine. The essay is called 'Finance and Culture: lessons from the Cannibal Club'. It begins in 1863 at a London club, where a group of men decided to find out what makes humans tick. The men of the Cannibal Club were repugnant. But Tett is making a larger point - she wants financiers to get to know anthropologists, so that the latter could teach the former that greed is not the solitary emotion in the human palate. 'It would be nice if modern securities holders were to mix more with

No, Mr. Trump. Jerusalem is Not Israel's Capital. Prince Turki al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia writes to US President Donald Trump

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Jerusalem, December 2017



[Prince Turki al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia is not a liberal nor a radical. He is as conservative as you get - having served between 1977 and 2001 as the director general of Saudi Arabia's intelligence agency (al-Mukhabarat al-a'amah). He has also been Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United Kingdom and the United States. This is a letter that he has written to US President Donald Trump regarding Trump's pledge to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is worth considering that this establishment figure in Saudi Arabia has put his marker down on the table. Let there be no

Nepal Turns Red 100 Years After the Russian Revolution (and Other Snippets from our times)

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Nepal Turns Red 100 Years After the Russian Revolution


Dear Friends,

The Communist alliance will - most likely - win the elections in Nepal. Trends show that the alliance will come near a two-thirds majority of the parliament. The Communist alliance has promised that it would complete a five year term, something unaccomplished since electoral democracy was established in 1990. It is believed that Khadga Prashad Oli will be the next Prime Minister. He has pledged to tackle the basic needs of the Nepali people as well as to build the infrastructure of one of the world's poorest countries (the infrastructural project will include an extension of

Planet of Refugees

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Giles Duley UNHCR 1


Dear Friends,

Earlier this week, Filippo Grandi - the chief of UNHCR (the UN Refugees Agency) and my friend - went before the UN Security Council to talk about the continued refugee crisis that plagues our planet. Currently - at a minimum - 66 million people have been forcibly displaced, 23 million people officially counted as refugees. On the table remains the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert, passages to Europe that are being converted into walls and prisons. This Sea and this Desert are the main pathways for the mass migration from eastern and western Africa towards Europe. No pol

The Cover of Edward Said's Orientalism (1978)

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Gerome's The Snake Charmer
Gerome's The Snake Charmer


A week ago, I was at the Clark Museum in Williamstown, Massachusetts. It is an odd museum, the collection of the heirs of the Singer Sewing Machine fortune. There is no overarching character to the collection - impressionists here and there, modernists here and there, tea pots and silver platters in another room. It is a collection of wealth - where what was bought was purchased because there was money on the table, not necessarily ideas to guide the curation.

Turning into the main room, one is struck by a very moving painting by John Singer Sargent (1856–1925)

Comrade Fidel on Imperialism

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Communist March in Delhi with Cuba
Indian communists march to US embassy in Delhi, 1961.


A year ago, Fidel Castro departed the world after a career of building socialism and being a sentinel against capitalism.


Fidel Nehru Krishna Menon
Fidel with Nehru and Krishna Menon in New York at the United Nations, 1960.


On April 17, 1961, the United States government tried to overthrow the socialist government in Cuba. The CIA-backed force landed on the Bay of Pigs but were defeated by the will of the Cuban people. This was the first of many attempts to overthrow the Cuban government - and to assassinate Castro (600 attempts!).

In Delhi, as news came in

Exploiting Anti-Semitism


'Come listen to the discussion on Exploiting Anti-Semitism and how the charge of anti-semitism silences criticism of Israeli Policy. The discussion will feature speakers: Vijay Prashad, Professor of International Studies at Trinity College, Joseph Levine, Professor of Philosophy at UMass Amherst, and Sut Jhally, Professor of Communication at UMass Amherst. '

Sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Media Education Foundation, and the Departments of Communication, Philosophy, History, African-American Studies and Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies.