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Latest Works by Vijay Prashad - March 30, 2018

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Prashad at the site in Sao Paulo of the assassination of Carlos Marighella (1911-1969)
Prashad at the site in São Paulo of the assassination of Carlos Marighella (1911-1969)



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Latest Works by Vijay Prashad - March 13, 2018

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Strongmen Trump

Tricontinental Is On Social Media!

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Tricontinental: Institute of Social Research



Dear Friends,

We are within sight of launching Tricontinental: Institute of Social Research, with offices in Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, New Delhi and Sao Paulo. On March 1, we'll have our website alive and ready to go. For now, we have our social media pages - at Facebook and on Twitter - alive and well. Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Also, visit our website to sign up for our materials (there is a silly little video there as well). As I mentioned earlier, this newsletter will slowly transition to become the weekly newsletter from the Tricontinental. It will have

Focus on Zambia, Where Hunger Exists Besides Copper Wealth

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Chellah Tukuta Rancen
Photo Chellah Tukuta Rancen



Dear Friends,

Greetings from Johannesburg.

Zambia is a country that is not often in the news. But it should be. It is a major source of copper for the world. Indeed, its copper is sluiced out by major multinational corporations based in Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and China. What is extraordinary is that the children that grow up on the land above the copper mines suffer from an illiteracy rate of 60%. That is shameful. There needs to be scrutiny on these multinational corporations that have made it their business to drain the wealth out of Africa

Migrants Without Shoes

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Looking at the photographs by Shahidul Alam - pictured above - in Dhaka last week


Dear Friends,

Looking at the photographs by Shahidul Alam - pictured above - in Dhaka last week reminded me of the migrants from Ethiopia who returned home from Saudi Arabia without shoes. His pictures were about Bangladeshi migrants in Malaysia, but the stories seemed to mirror those of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. These are people who remit more money to their home countries than the Foreign Direct Investment that goes into them, and yet while the FDI merchants are treated as saviors, the migrant workers are treated as criminals. There is no secret to why this is so. It is the

Welcome to 2018

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Massive Protests Erupt in Iran


Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2018. It promises to be a year of protest and unrest.

It begins in Iran. These are little understood protests. It says a great deal about the impoverishment of the use of a class analysis in the corporate media that it would like, therefore, to link these protests to the Green Movement of 2009. Those are utterly different - different classes and different horizons. Indeed, the standard bearer of their reformism is now in power in the government and the more radical elements of the Green Movement have been long made marginal.

In Alternet today, I have a brief report

Palestinian Girl in the Picture Writes to the Artists and Writers Who Wrote to Trump: her spirit is irresistible

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A week ago or so, I signed a letter in response to Donald Trump's abominable statement on Jerusalem. It was a note that was published in The Guardian and it was signed by about a hundred artists and writers. The text is short,

The Guardian reports (10th December) President Macron’s comment that recent US moves on the status of Jerusalem are a threat to peace. They are much more than that.

In recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Donald Trump seeks to achieve through a declaration what Israel has been trying to do for fifty years through force of arms: to erase Palestinians, as a