DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

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Yesterday, Shujaat Bukhari was shot dead in Srinagar’s Press Enclave in Lal Chowk.
Shujaat Bukhari was shot dead in Srinagar’s Press Enclave in Lal Chowk. (Photo: SNS)



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America's North Korea War & Morocco's Rebellions

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North Korea's War


Dear Friends,

The temperature is high again. 

The drum-beat of war from the White House goes in two directions - towards Iran and towards North Korea. These are, if you remember, the two other pillars of George W. Bush's 'axis of evil'. Iraq has already been a victim of regime change. Trump seems keen to follow through on Bush's quixotic promise - to effect regime change in Iran and in North Korea.

But the North Koreans moved their chess pieces in a hurry, testing a thermonuclear or hydrogen bomb. This, essentially, makes a US bombing run on North Korea very difficult. It also makes


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<America> I heard from friends that the United States might have attacked North Korea during the parade on Kim il-Sung's birthday celebration. So I watched the entire parade on North Korean television. Nothing major happened. Somehow I felt that watching the parade was a vigil against war. Perhaps it was.....

I sat down and wrote my AlterNet column on my sense of the way the 'rogue state' is being seen. You can read the essay here, http://www.alternet.org/…/america-worlds-biggest-terrorist-…

It begins,

A few years ago, I asked a retired Iraqi Air Force