Yemen and Libya

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Aimen Ajhani/El Bohly (Photo OMCT)
Aimen Ajhani/El Bohly (Photo OMCT)


Dear Friends,

The focus of attention in West Asia is on the Iraqi (and allied) assault on Mosul (Iraq) as well as the Syrian (and allied) assault on East Aleppo. Here are focused the eyes of the world, as it were. An 11 hour ceasefire is in effect in Aleppo, to allow aid and relief to get through the frontlines. The assault on Mosul is ongoing. It appears that ISIS has either formed a citadel in sections of the interior of Mosul or has done what it did in other major fights - disappeared into rural areas to regroup again elsewhere.

Less attention is on Yemen, which has been pummeled by Saudi Arabia. A very welcome ceasefire is to go into effect at midnight - for 72 hours. This is to deliver humanitarian aid to areas close to the point of total collapse.

Less attention even to Libya, where there was an attempted coup a few days ago. It was barely reported. In that spirit, two explainers from two wars, thanks of course to my great sources and friends in these countries:

(1) Yemen - at The Wire, thanks to Siddharth Varadarajan, a brief report on the war on this - the poorest Arab country. You can read it here.

(2) Libya - at Alternet, thanks to Jan Frel, a brief report on the fractured politics inside the country. You can read it here.

The picture above is from a mural done by Aimen Ajhani, who is known as El Bohly. This mural was on Al Saidi Street in Tripoli. It is a sign of the times that it has been largely erased. The hand of Fatima is of course for good luck and it is juxtaposed on hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil owls. Libya seems to have an endless amount of bad luck.

Warmly, Vijay.