Linda Sarsour at Smith College and UMASS

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<driven by her heart> Asked in 2011 about her work as an activist, Linda Sarsour said, 'There are many times when throughout all the difficulties, obstacles, and current events, I question my life choices. I do that only because I am human, but my heart always steps in and reassures my fatigued mind that I have made the right choices.'

This week, Linda will be giving three talks along the Connecticut River. The week begins at Smith College on Wednesday evening, when she will speak, thanks to Lisa Armstrong, at 7pm at Weinstein Auditorium on 'Intersectionality in the Streets: Resistance in the Age of Trump.' There is an FB page for this event,

Then, Linda comes to Trinity College on Thursday to speak at the Terrace Rooms at 7pm - 'Nevertheless, She Persisted: Resistance in the Age of Trump.' The poster is, of course, from the Trinity event. There is a page for the event here: Linda Sarsour--Women's March on Washington Organizer. The talk is co-sponsored by the Trinity Students for Justice in Palestine.

Finally, thanks to Laura Briggs, she will speak at UMASS on Friday at the Mahar Auditorium at 330pm on 'The Resistance: Organizing in the Age of Trump.'

I'm glad that Linda reassured her fatigued mind. She is a crucial leader in the Resistance against Intolerance and Inequality. She campaigned for Bernie Sanders and then was one of the four leaders of the Women's March that took place the day after Trump's inauguration.

Linda and her fellow organizers of the March - Tamika MalloryCarmen Perez and Bob Bland - have been honored by Time Magazine on their list of the 100 most influential people. The citation for them was written by New York's Senator Kirsten Gillibrand -…/tamika-mallory-bob-bland-carmen-perez-li…/. She calls the four of them - 'the suffragists of our time'.

I'm writing my introduction to Linda. So much to say.


Linda Sarsour at Trinity