The Russian Revolution in Latin America and the Global South



Join us October 25 for this Facebook event commemorating the Russian Revolution and its impact on Latin America and the Global South, live onteleSUR English.

2017 marks 100 years since arguably one of the most important events in modern history: the Russian Revolution. 

Aside from being the first time in history that workers together with peasants and soldiers, lead by Lenin and the Bolsheviks, took power and revolutionized the entirety of Russian society, the revolution had major global implications; from threatening the European ruling class with the spread of revolt across the continent to the hope of liberation it inspired among colonized peoples and nations.

As such the Russian Revolution has strongly influenced movements, politics and societies in Latin America and the rest of the Global South. From the revolutions in China and Vietnam, to the national liberation struggles across Asia and Africa, to the Cuban Revolution, the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua and Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution, the impact of the Russian Revolution is vast and enduring.

On the centenary of the October revolution, this 25th of October, the director of teleSUR English, Pablo Vivanco, will discuss the influence of the revolution on Latin America and the Global South, together with Bruno Bosteels (former professor of Latin American and Iberian Cultures at Columbia University) and Vijay Prashad (historian of the Global South and the Director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research).