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With P. Sainath, Vijay Prashad


Dear Friends,

A special offering: a report on a walk through Bombay's journalism history with P. Sainath. During our LeftWord Books Bombay tour, our team (Sudhanva Deshpande, Suvendu Mallick and I) encouraged Sainath - one of India's finest reporters - to give us a tour of his Blitz Days. He agreed.

We began at Kitab Khana, one of Bombay's fine bookstores and ended at the office of the People's Archive of Rural India. It was a magical trip.

I've heard these Blitz stories for years, but never thought to write them down. So this time, with the benefit of having gone to the old Blitz building with Sainath, who had not returned in twenty-two years, I decided to write some of them up - and they were published yesterday at, the fine website edited by Naresh Fernandes.

You can read about the journey here.

Additionally: in BirGun today (in Turkish), my essay on US-Saudi relations - here. Coming up soon in The Hindu, Turkey's mild pivot towards Russia and Iran.

Further: at our LeftWord Books blog, see what's new.

Warmly, Vijay.