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Latest Works by Vijay Prashad - May 25, 2018
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The Thirteenth Newsletter (2018):

The Unforgettable Poor

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Prashad with Abahali baseMjondolo (People of the Shacks) movement in Durban



Dear Friends,

In 1969, the Honduran poet Roberto Sosa published a book called Los Pobres. The title poem is haunting. It opens,

The poor are many
and so—
impossible to forget.

The poor are also impossible to forget because they lead their struggles for emancipation from the injustice of our social order.

Last week, I spent a little time with Abahali baseMjondolo (People of the Shacks) movement based in Durban (South Africa). They gave me a full sense of their philosophy of 'living politics'. It allowed me to better understand their movement, which I had read about thanks to the work of